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PF-Cardstock Tags

Tear-resistant and waterproof tags last longer than standard cardstock tags

PF-Cardstock are pulp-free; they do not contain wood pulp or paper like regular cardstock. They are pliable, yet will not rip or breakdown in moisture. PF-Cardstock tags do not tear readily when tugged on. These custom tags are ideal for indoor use and short-term outdoor exposure. The scuff-resistant and matte surface is easy to write on.


Standard Color Blank Tags

Identify clearly and alert staff to cautions with durable safety tags that work effectively in extreme environments.

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Lockout - Tagout Tags

Communication is a key component to lockout/tagout procedures and safety.

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 8" x 8" tags have 3/8" reinforced metal grommet with secure nylon ties, and are available in cardstock and vinyl plastic.

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Key Features:

  • 10-mil polyolefin-based material
  • Thin and flexible
  • Top has 3/8" plain hole

Material Choice Guide

Accuform Signs offers a wide variety of custom tag materials to suit every facility identification need.

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Accuform Signs is the leading manufacturer of facility identification products that inform, protect and motivate the global workforce. Accuform manufactures safety signs, safety tags, safety labels, pipe markers, banners, 5S lean shadow boards, KPI boards, lockout/tagout and other facility identification products that improve the safety, efficiency, and wellbeing of workers. Accuform also offers quick shipment of custom signs (in as little as 24-hours) that further speak to the communication needs of your facility - from specific messaging to branding, images and more. In total, Accuform offers more than 100,000 stock and custom products to help lead your workforce to safety each day.

Accuform is the preferred supplier of leading industrial, safety, and MRO distributors worldwide. Award-winning Accuform brands include STOPOUT® lockout/tagout devices, Digi-Day® safe day tracking scoreboards, and Blockade™ traffic control posts and chains. Request a free Accuform catalog that allows customers to easily find traffic and roadway signs, Right-To-Know signs and labels GHS haz-com and safety communication products for virtually any industry or application.

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